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Our accountants in Joondalup often recommend that clients set up as sole traders. It’s the simplest business structure. But as a sole trader, you have a lot to deal with – generally on your own, even if
you employ others – and limited time to do it all. So, allow us to take up some of the slack.

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Tax advice: Benefit from the sole trader structure

From personalised advice on GST, BAS and PAYG, to lodging returns and business activity statements and dealing with the ATO, our tax advisers can take some of those time-consuming tax tasks off your hands and ensure that being a sole trader works for you. Less for you to do. More time for business.

Tax advice
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Handball your business accounting to us.

You might assume an accountant is more valuable to a company than a sole trader, but you’ve got just as much to gain from tapping into our business accounting expertise. Find out how our team in Joondalup can simplify your accounts and make your business more streamlined and profitable.

Business accounting
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You can’t go wrong with the right bookkeeper.

Many sole traders resign themselves to ‘doing the books’ to save money. Often, it’s a false economy. With the right bookkeeping software and bookkeeper, you’ll free up more time to focus on business. And we have a network of bookkeepers across Joondalup and Perth we can refer you to.

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Protect your employees. And your sanity your sanity.

Many sole traders work alone, but if you’re a sole trader and you employ – or you’re planning to employ – your own staff, employment law and WHS is a whole new can of worms. A time-consuming can of worms. Talk to our employment assistance partners to save yourself needless time and stress.

Employment assistance

Sole traders, you don’t have to do this alone.

Going solo as a sole trader is often a logical choice, but it can be a lonely and time-consuming way to do business. You have a lot of tax, reporting, business planning and management balls to juggle and only one pair of hands.

The good news is, our accountants are here to be your sounding board, as well as your tax adviser and accountant. And together with our trusted partners, we can help you thrive as a sole trader, courtesy of the practical advice and support we’ll tailor to suit you.

For more information about how we can help with your financial goals, please contact us on (08) 9400 8400 or send a message.

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